Contemporary design meets traditional craftsmanship.

All our towels are entirely handwoven on old-shuttled looms by the last few weaving artisans in Turkey. Our looms have been passed down from generation to generation. With a focus on style, quality and value, we demonstrate that care and concern for human health, the planet and future generations, does not have to be compromised. 

Every towel is made from the highest quality Turkish GOTS certified organic cotton or linen. All dyes are also organic and every towel is un-treated and non-coated. Our towels are made without chemicals, and are natural and healthy. Respect for people and nature is a key part of the whole design and production process.

Our practices are ethical and sustainable. Our products can last for decades if cared for properly, the more you use and wash our towels the softer and more absorbent they will become. Sustainability and socially responsible is not just a trend for us. It is a philosophy that runs through each fibre of the brand.

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By concisously including nature, we are unconsciously reconnecting.

Turquoise is a boutique company founded 2011 in Zurich and Istanbul. We are creating organic and authentic handwoven towels for environmentally conscious people who want to make an authentic sustainability statement. Soft, absorbent, and completely natural our towels combine the beauty of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton with time-honored craftsmanship to create a luxurious product that is durable, natural and healthy. The strength and integrity of the natural materials, undamaged by over-processing, slowly and skillfully woven ensure unique longevity, absorbency and softness.

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